What should I do?


As part of the Choice campaign, in which Coca-Cola wanted to talk about our choices in life, we created a unique campaign, first of its kind, addressing  the main audience of Coca-Cola, Young people, who are at a very confusing stage in life and need to make difficult choices, what will I study in College? Where will I travel after the army? How to start a business? and many more.


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To help them make the right choice, we partnered with Google Israel and took the most frequently searched Google queries of people aged 18-30,and created dozens of explanatory videos featuring experts from the same subject or field of interest that the young user was searching for.

But it didn’t end there, after the first video we continued to offer the user to dive even further into the subject by suggesting more videos we created with the specific expert. For example if a user was searching where to travel after the army , we knew to suggest after the first video, whether to travel alone, whether he needed a bag or a suitcase for traveling, how to deal with public transport in that country etc.

Our campaign was featured at the respectful creative website Ads of The World.