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Every year, Globes magazine publishes an edition that summarizes the success of Israeli top brands of that year, and at the same time the magazine is running a print ad competition for those brands. In 2018, I had the honor of winning first place with 2 ads out of 3 I submitted.


In this ad for Get Delivery I wanted to show the benefits of Gets Delivery, a service that can make every story short.

In addition, this ad was published in the creative site Best Ads.

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That year, Coca-Cola launched a new beverage: Lemon Zero (I'll give you a few seconds)

In addition, this ad was published in two creative websites Best Ads & AdStasher.

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In honor of Time Out Hamburger Week, me and my Art Director came up with a cool idea.

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In honor of the Time Out Restaurant Competition sponsored by Coca-Cola, we were asked to highlight the wonderful combination of Coca-Cola with food.

The theme of the competition was the power of a brand. So I thought Coca-Cola was definitely a powerful brand, even timeless.
It was also published on the international creative website Best-Ads.

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