As part of the Google and YouTube "Bumpers Crash competition" we were asked to create a new and existing concept for advertising in the YouTube platform.

To that end, we together with Gett Delivery created the first campaign of its kind at that time. We produced short 6 seconds video ads that were matched to the content the viewer was about to watch on YouTube.



a bumper is a six-second, unskippable video ad that plays before a YouTube video.

‌For example: When someone searched for a video about a new pair of headphones, he would be targeted with our Ad, showing him the headphones been delivered using Gett Delivery service.

For the full case play the video.


We won 2nd place at the Bumper-Clash 2018 competition, in total over 60 campaigns were submitted of 52 brands by 18 advertising agencies.   |  Tel: 0526-920-404

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