In 2017 we were asked by "Reshet" to come up with an innovative campaign that will produce great PR for the new season of the hit TV show The Voice.


To that end, we have created a campaign in which we urge people who wanted to audition for the show to first send us their recording using a WhatsApp voice message, which goes hand in hand with the show's principal to focus solely of on the contestant's voice.

We wanted to engage people in their everyday life so we suggested Facebook ads and printing ads on bus stops and billboards.

If you passed the WhatsApp audition you were invited for a live audition later on.

We basically wanted everybody to have a chance to participate in the Show.

היי שלום! נכון :) תשירי לנו הודעה קולית!

וואו וואו וואו! עברת את אודישן הוואטספ מוזמנת לאודישן לייב באולפנים שלנו בשבוע הבא יום חמישי בשעה 10:30 בבוקר

היי כאן עושים אודישן?

דה וויס רשת 13



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The idea was presented to the client but unfortunately the campaign was canceled and didn't air.

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